A Self-made entrepreneur who earned his fortune from scratch established a successfully running a number of businesses ventures.A renowned scholar, poet & writer of over 40 books, intellectual, researcher and regular visiting faculty member in number of institutes. Decades long experience in variety of platform in corporate sector, NGO, Schools, individuals, small firms and large multinationals. Training areas Covers:

Communication skills, leadership coachings skills, motivational trainings, customer service, sales strategies, managerial training, stress management in the workplace, interpersonal skills, time management and organizational skills, decision making and problem solving techniques, hugh performance team building and management, presentation skills, effective meetings

What Do You Mean By "Colorful Life Only Simple Smile?"

When i say “colorful life only simple smile” it means to get real and be authentic, be responsible and accountable to the world around you. I believe business and how we organize ourselves around WORK, ORGANIZATION is now changing. I believe people want more engagement and more meaning in their work.

So How Does Facilitation and Coaching Helps?

Coaching and facilitation, when it’s done right, clears a path through a person’s thinking to get to the heart of the matter, so they can do the work that matters.The way i do that is to listen, deeply so i can find the inner wisdom that guides a person. Then i ask them to question they hadn’t asked themselves. Advice and opinion is much more valuable with it comes from the source.

What gives you the moral authority to do this work?

Nothing Really, just a genuine human desire for a better world, a better way of working. We spend so much time working, it may as well be doing something that matters difference, that stance for something that impacts on the world around using a way that connects us all to our shared humanity.